Macon’s Haven for Heroes: Veterans Find Home and Community at Carlyle Place

Beyond the lush 58-acre campus, personalized hospitality and abundant amenities, Carlyle Place offers something genuinely unique for retired veterans like Rich M. (Air Force) and Theron S. (Marine Corps): a deep sense of belonging and fellowship.

Sure, there are plenty of places future residents can visit before deciding where to move. However, the two men agreed that once you set foot into the community, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything that tops it.

The People Make It Special

So what exactly makes Carlyle Place stand out? According to Theron, it’s the small gestures that speak volumes.

“When guests visit Carlyle Place, their name is displayed in the lobby, where everybody goes back and forth,” he says. “Visitors have mentioned how people—employees and residents—will stop to say hello, ask them where they’re from and other questions, and make them feel welcome. In other words, there’s an establishment of relationships and sense of comfort here that can’t be beat.”

Before visiting our campus, Theron recalls touring a few other continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) throughout the U.S. Out of the dozen or so places he and his wife Elizabeth toured, they realized something was missing. “We went to a couple of places, and while walking around, we noticed nobody ever said anything to us,” he says. “Even though they knew we were guests, no one said ‘hello, how are you?’ We just continued to walk around. Here it doesn’t happen that way. They stop and say something.”

MOAA, MOWW, VVA and Community Outreach

If you’re interested in knowing more about veterans groups on campus, as well as how retired veterans can connect with their community, here are several that meet or have a presence at Carlyle Place:

  • MOAA – Military Officers Association of America. This is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization. At Carlyle Place, MOAA can help former military personnel connect with each other. Take, for example, Vietnam veteran Dr. Herb Greenwald. It was through the organization’s monthly meetings that he learned about Honor Flights and was reacquainted with a fellow Marine who was the first lieutenant in his battalion.
  • MOWW – Military Order of the World Wars. The MOWW recruits former officers to be more involved with the community and its services. This group holds monthly luncheons at Carlyle Place (friends of MOWW allow volunteers to be involved even if they haven’t served).
  • VVA – Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 443. As a member, Rich says, “We’ve got this beautiful spot in Macon where we sell soft drinks and water when they have their Cherry Festival, and we use that money toward scholarships for the ROTC programs at one of the area high schools.”

Did you know?

On the second floor at Carlyle Place, the veterans wall showcases veteran photos. According to Theron, there are more than 250 photos of servicemembers displayed who are current or former residents.

Close to Robins Air Force Base

While residents at Carlyle Place enjoy a comprehensive range of on-campus care services, Rich and Theron want fellow veterans to be aware of our proximity to Robins Air Force Base, just 16 miles south in Warner-Robins.

“If you’re seeking a retirement destination that maximizes your access to veteran benefits, this is the place to be,” Theron emphasizes. “And the VA is really, really helpful here.”

Rich adds, “Much of the base has been recently developed. There’s a beautiful Air Force museum, updated commissary, PX and all the essential facilities. There’s even a new gas station; and the hospital is conveniently located on the base as well.”

Maintenance-Free in Macon

Between Carlyle Place’s maintenance-free living and the charming city of Macon, both men have plenty to boast about.

“I lived the last 10 years in my own home in Warner-Robins, which was about 2,600 square feet, and it was an acre and a half of land,” Rich says with a chuckle. “You had to look out for yourself. You had to cut up the lawn, spade up all the gardens, wash the car. And I got really tired of that. Here, I don’t do any of that, and I can just show up for dinner.”

Before becoming a resident more than a year ago, Rich says he owned a jewelry store in Macon, and when it was time to decide, he knew the natural progression of things meant going to Carlyle Place. “I knew Carlyle Place is known for taking good care of people,” he adds, as Theron nods in agreement.

“I didn’t know about this place until my wife insisted, she wanted to move to Georgia (from Fort Mill, South Carolina),” Theron notes. “We were on waiting lists in two different places, but the time we spent here and the people we encountered were the best. On top of people being very accommodating here, we take comfort in knowing that our healthcare needs will be met, and that my wife and I will be cared for.”

And if that’s not enough to appeal to future residents, Theron says Macon’s small-town charm shouldn’t be overlooked.

“If there’s one thing people should know, it’s that Macon is a great place for entertainment, food and they make a lot of movies here,” Theron says. “The new Color Purple has a scene in it that was shot right at the corner where my chiropractor’s office is!”

Macon is also home to music greats Otis Redding, The Allman Brothers Band and Little Richard.

“There’s a lot of hidden talent here,” he says. “If you know what your interests are, you’ll find it here.”

Curious? Come and Visit

Are you a military vet looking for a retirement community? See why Rich and Theron can’t stop talking about Carlyle Place. Schedule a visit to our beautiful campus, meet some fellow servicemembers and residents, and feel the warmth and friendliness for yourself! Call us today at 478-405-4500.

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