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Get more out of your retirement income

An amenity-rich community. An extraordinary lifestyle. Priceless peace of mind. For down-to-earth, financially astute seniors who want a secure plan for their future, Carlyle Place is a smart choice—and an incredible value that’s more affordable than you think. 

Although many retirement communities offer varying levels of continuing care, they do not necessarily offer a “Life Care” contract. What’s the difference? With a Life Care contract at Carlyle Place, your monthly fees will not change as a result of requiring a higher level of care.

Our full continuum of care is well-known for outstanding quality, and it’s all provided here in the same vibrant community you call home. Should you or your loved one ever need any of these services, it will not impact your monthly fees.*

Life Care provides even more value and benefits than long-term care insurance. No worries about unpredictable costs and where to go for care. No policy restrictions (such as specified duration of care, maximum coverage amounts or elimination periods). And no cumbersome reimbursement issues.

*The only additional costs involved should you transition to healthcare services are meals and ancillary charges such as prescriptions.

Contract choices to fit your finances

Our entrance plans enable you to select an option that fits your financial goals and starts as low as $130,700. Monthly fees cover all the included amenities, services, wellness programs, health services, activities and more. Most people are pleasantly surprised to find that when they add up all of their current expenses, including utilities, lawn service, home maintenance and property taxes, the cost is actually more than the monthly fees at Carlyle Place. Using our worksheet below, compute what it costs to live in your home compared to Carlyle Place.

Download Worksheet (PDF)

The application process is composed of two assessments –financial and health. The financial assessment requires that you complete a financial application form disclosing your income and assets with supporting documentation. For example, your most recent federal tax return with supporting documentation to include 1099s, W2s, etc. is proof of income. Copies of the summary pages of your brokerage accounts, savings and checking accounts, etc. provides proof of your assets. Long term care insurance is regarded as an asset.

As part of your overall financial picture, we also require copies of your medical insurance cards. Carlyle Place requires that you have either a Medicare Advantage Plan OR standard Medicare A and Medicare B with supplemental insurance (to cover deductibles and co-pays). You also need prescription drug coverage, Medicare Part D.

All of our plans offer tax benefits under the Life Care contract that make them even more affordable. Whichever plan you choose, once you become a resident, your future will be secure and easy.

To learn more about the contract options best suited for your needs, please reach out to one of our Life Plan Advisors using the form below.

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