Using the Right Tool for the Right Job Makes Exercise Easier

When it comes to staying healthy, incorporating an exercise routine can work wonders, especially for seniors. A fitness center plays a crucial role in a retirement community like Carlyle Place because it offers residents numerous physical, mental and social benefits. We expanded our Renaissance Wellness Center in 2014 because of the increased demand for modern fitness equipment. Today we offer a state-of-the-art location to stay active, increase mobility and recover from injuries faster.

Patti Kunselman, Wellness Manager, has been with Carlyle Place for more than 14 years, and she’s one of the first people new residents meet. Part of our move-in process includes a comprehensive wellness evaluation by Patti’s team. From there, the team works with residents to establish and achieve their goals.

Patti, who was heavily involved in the 2014 expansion, is proud to see residents looking forward to working out and joining in classes. Although we have all the same equipment as a franchised gym, we also have a few machines you may not recognize.

State-of-the-Art Equipment Designed with You in Mind

“You might be surprised to find that our gym doesn’t look all that different from, say, a Planet Fitness, except that we have higher quality equipment,” Patti explained. “The Keiser weight equipment is top of the line, and you’re not likely to find it in ordinary health clubs because it is expensive.”

But look a little closer, and you’ll see these highly specialized machines are designed for seniors. Here are a few that our residents love:

Keiser Resistance Equipment

This low inertia resistance system uses physics, not iron plates, so there’s no shock when you start and stop the motion. This makes the machine safer and gentler on joints and connective tissue, which is excellent for people with arthritis and other degenerative diseases. Unlike conventional weight-based strength machines, the Keiser machines let you train at any speed. In addition, the push button resistance adjustments in one-pound increments make it accessible and beneficial for all fitness levels. Everyone can safely train and see results.

SciFit Latitude™ Lateral Stability Trainer

This machine uses an innovative motion to help people at all fitness levels build their muscles to stay active in an easy-to-use, engaging way. It allows users to exercise in a seated position and strengthen balancing muscles. The circular motion activates muscles used for side-to-side movements. This reduces the risk of falls and helps increase confidence. A research study in 2021 showed that the balance scores of older adults improved after just four weeks of regular use.

Inspiring Resident Success Stories

Mavis Trice and Ed Brewton are two of Carlyle Place’s most enthusiastic gym goers. They were both sidelined this year by health issues; but thanks to the physical therapy and personal training available at Carlyle Place, they’ve both nearly bounced back to the fitness level they were before.

I’ve been part of an exercise program most of my life,” Mavis said. “So, when I decided to move to Carlyle Place, the gym was an important factor for me.

Ed concurred, “Exercise and sports have been a part of my life from childhood through adulthood. I figured if I was going to go through the significant change of moving to a retirement community, the gym should be a place I could see myself going.” 

Mavis joked, “Before my injury, people would all the time say to me, ‘Oh, you’re here again?’ and I’d just say, ‘Every day!’’ Now, Mavis hopes that with a little more physical therapy in the gym, she can get back out on the pickleball court this summer.

Ed added, “If you’ve been away from the gym for a couple of weeks like me, the Keiser machines let you get back to work easily because you can turn the tension down to whatever you’re comfortable with. You can still go through the range of motion until you get back to whatever level of strength you were doing.”

After a break from the gym, Ed and Mavis are back, and they’re getting stronger every day, thanks to Patti and her team. “Because we have physical therapy and personal training in-house, as well as this wonderful facility to do it in, I can remain as active as ever,” Mavis said.

A Full Continuum of Health and Fitness

Free weights and resistance machines may not be everyone’s thing, and that’s okay. Carlyle Place has fitness classes and activities to suit every level.

“Our classes are really important because many residents are more comfortable in a class setting. Classes are a good way to get into exercise if it hasn’t been part of your life in the past. Group fitness can help establish a routine and learn the concepts. It’s the quality of life that we’re focusing on here; regular exercise really does contribute to living your best life. Strength and flexibility classes are among our most popular for folks who may not feel confident using unfamiliar equipment. We offer more than 20 classes each week, including strength and balance, Tai Chi, yoga, water aerobics and dance classes, to name a few,” Patti says.

Investing in your health is one very important way to stay independent longer. Residents who regularly meet with Patti and work out in the fitness center are less likely to feel the effects of aging and often bounce back faster after an injury. At Carlyle Place, we’re dedicated to helping you remain vibrant and active at every stage of your life. So if you’re ready to make some new friends and work up a sweat, come for a visit. Patti can show you around the gym. Book your tour today by calling 478-405-4544.

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