The Sisterhood of Carlyle Place

Some people will follow their friends around the world, but these women followed their friend to Macon, GA, to start new lives at Carlyle Place. Anne Sarber, Janice Mahoney and Mary Williams lived in the same adult golf community in Okatie, SC, until Anne moved to an adult retirement community after the passing of her husband. “I got to a point where it felt like I was aging out of the community, and I felt like I needed to make some decisions about where and how I was going to spend the rest of my life.” A mutual friend introduced Anne to Carlyle Place, and after touring the community, she fell in love and made the move into a two-bedroom garden home. “I’m very, very happy with my decision.”

Choosing Carlyle Place

While looking at different communities, Anne had her health and children in mind. Carlyle Place’s LifeCare contract and its promise to take care of her should anything happen had a significant impact on her decision. “I know that what I have done is I have taken away from my children the responsibility of what are we going to do with mother if something happens because she’s by herself, and that was my main thing. If something happens and I need care, it is right here at my fingertips, and my children don’t have to worry about it. I think they’re very grateful for that.”

Anne’s decision to move prompted her friends to start a conversation about retirement plans. Other communities were toured, but the natural beauty of Carlyle Place’s campus struck the trio significantly. “We all considered Carlyle, and we all felt that it would be a good decision to come here, and we decided to do it as a group. Also, when we made the decision, the housing market had greatly improved, and we all felt like this was the time,” Janice shared while explaining how she and Mary eventually followed Anne to Carlyle Place.

Janice created her home in a two-bedroom garden home, while Mary moved into a two-bedroom apartment. Each of the women took advantage of the ability to customize their residence, and Mary shared how big of a difference the changes make. “I can go into someone else’s apartment who has the same layout as I do, and it looks totally different. I’m amazed at how just bringing your things in changes the complete look and personality of the place. Customizing really makes a big difference.”

Getting involved in a new life

While the trio loved their home on the golf course, the quality of life at Carlyle Place for the three has been a breath of fresh air. “Here it is so much less stressful. I worry so much less. All I have to do is take care of my little self, and do what I enjoy, and there are very few responsibilities,” Anne said. Since being at Carlyle Place, the trio has taken advantage of the many social offerings of the community. The ladies enjoy taking in the beauty of the campus and walking their squad of pups along the trails around the ponds and trees. They have also enjoyed community events and game nights, playing endless rounds of mahjong in the community room.

Not only does the community offer fun and engaging activities on campus, but it also facilitates off-campus travel. The trio has traveled with members of the community to Boston, Quebec and Amelia Island, and they plan to join the community for a trip to Asheville and a river cruise down the Lewis and Clark trail.

“We have a wonderful friendship. It’s lovely, but there are so many nice people here. We’ve met other people as well, and we just add those people to our list of nice friends. It’s wonderful,” Anne mentioned about the friendliness of the other members of the community. Despite a large percentage of the residents being Macon natives who knew each other before moving to Carlyle Place, they’re friendly and accommodating to new and out-of-state residents.

The ease of meeting other residents through community events has made it exceptionally easy for Mary, Janice and Anne to make new friends, as Mary tells us. “It’s so easy to meet people. The problem is not jumping into too much, and then feeling overwhelmed. I mean, it’s so easy to get involved. “

The staff also got a nod from the ladies for displaying amazing hospitality and keeping things fun and engaging. “They are unbelievable. They are the heart and soul of this community. They have energy, just boundless energy.”

Even without an amazing group of friends like Mary, Janice and Anne to move with, Carlyle Place can easily become anyone’s forever home. If you’re interested in making the move, give us a call at 478-405-4500 or send us a message to start your move today!

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