Rhonda Stays Energetic and Independent at Home with a Little Help from Her Friends … at Carlyle Place

Whether you’re in retirement or about to retire, there’s a good chance you’ve considered the many benefits of “aging in place.” Maybe you enjoy the comfort of familiar surroundings and lifelong connections with family and friends. Or you want to keep frequenting the shops, restaurants and theaters you’ve loved for years. Whatever your reasons might be, you need a plan to make it happen.

Carlyle Place at Home is just such a plan—one that offers an affordable path toward healthy, secure retirement living in your own home. For Rhonda Koplin, a lifetime Georgia resident Carlyle Place at Home has enabled her to continue living life to the fullest, knowing she’s prepared for her future.

Becoming a Second-Generation Member of the Carlyle Place Family

Rhonda, who grew up in Macon and lived in Warner Robins and Atlanta for 30 years, returned to her hometown when her mom’s health began to decline. Both her parents eventually became residents of Carlyle Place, and Rhonda was very impressed with what she saw.

Her parents were at Carlyle for 13 years, and she observed the evaluation process to move residents to different levels of care.

“Mom had Parkinson’s, so she lived in Harrington skilled nursing for several) years,” she explains, “and Dad visited from his apartment. His last year at Carlyle was spent in assisted living at Stafford before moving to Harrington as well. The care they received at Carlyle Place retirement community was amazing, a real gift to my brothers and me.”

About seven years ago, Rhonda heard about Carlyle Place at Home and her interest was piqued. “I really love my neighborhood and my neighbors,” she says. “And I have a comfortable one-story home, so I don’t have to worry about going up and down stairs.”

Location was a key factor as well. “I’m only three minutes from the Carlyle Place campus, which is really convenient when I want to work out or attend an event,” Rhonda says. “I’m also amazed by how long many of the staff members have been here. When I go to the gym or to a special event, I always meet someone who knew my parents.”

At-Home Benefits Include Enjoying the Bountiful Amenities of Carlyle Place

Members of Carlyle Place at Home can take advantage of the same health and wellness activities, cultural programs, educational opportunities and social events that make life for our community’s on-campus residents so great.

Not surprisingly, one of the most popular amenities is the state-of-the-art Renaissance Wellness Center with its cardio resistance equipment, exercise classes and heated indoor pool. And Rhonda is quickly becoming one of the regulars.

“I scheduled my recent physical therapy sessions there, which made life simpler,” she explains. “And the staff members are great, especially Patti. She’s helped me ease into a healthy routine with tai chi and suggested other fitness classes. Some of the participants there are so flexible, and they’re 10 years older than me. My goal is to be where they are in a few years.”

And while she hasn’t fully immersed herself in our gourmet dining scene just yet, Rhonda does take advantage of our Dining Room and Bistro Café’s take-out menu a couple of times a week. And when she does find herself at the Bistro, the jumbo hot dogs hold a special place in her heart.

“When my father lived here, we’d head to the Bistro for a jumbo hot dog on the Saturdays that I’d visit my mom,” she says. “It’s one of my favorite ‘dad’ memories.”

Knowing that Quality Care Services Are Always Available

One of the reasons folks choose Carlyle Place at Home is because it frees them from one of their biggest concerns: becoming a burden on their families. Right from the start, members have access to our Life Care benefits, including personal care, memory care, skilled nursing, rehabilitation and respite care. They also partner with our personal care coordinators to design a plan for maximum health and vitality.

Rhonda speaks very highly of her coordinators, who play a huge role in helping her stay healthy and happy. “The quarterly visits from Denise and Kathy are wonderful,” Rhonda says. “They check in on my health, make sure I’m staying active and listen to my concerns. It’s made me more aware of my overall physical, mental and emotional wellness.”

Another advantage of our personal care coordinators is that they serve as go-to organizers for personal and home care services, as well as advocates for navigating the healthcare maze. “Denise and Kathy arranged transportation for me when I ‘ve had out patient surgery; they lined up a sitter and handled that paperwork ,” Rhonda explains. “And while I’ve been lucky enough not to have any major health emergencies, it’s reassuring to know there’s a system in place managed by people I know, just in case.”

Connecting with the Carlyle Place Community

There are no strangers at Carlyle Place, and that’s true whether you live on campus or enjoy retirement living in your own home. Here, everyone goes out of their way to say hello and invite you to share a meal, attend a lecture or check out one of our many clubs. 

Over the past seven years, Rhonda has found a set of activities that suits her just fine. She’s serves on our community’s marketing committee and has attended several events for Carlyle Place at Home members. But that’s not all. “I’ve been looking into some excursions, particularly the Braves games. It’s so easy … all I have to do is sign up for the bus.” (Fun fact: Rhonda’s cousin was Hank Aaron’s personal secretary!)

Carlyle Place at Home members like Rhonda can also host family and friends in our elegant private dining room, and folks are often surprised by what they see. “Whenever someone new visits for the first time, they see everyone enjoying happy hour and realize that Carlyle Place retirement community isn’t some boring nursing home,” she says. “They keep telling me ‘you’ve gotta move here yourself!’”

As for moving to Carlyle Place as an on-campus resident, Rhonda won’t rule it out. “It’s in the cards,” she laughs. “For now, it’s liberating to know that I can keep all my options open.” 

Start Your Journey Toward Vibrancy and Peace of Mind in Your Own Home

Carlyle Place at Home helps you manage the big picture—and the small details—of retirement living at home. What’s more, you have access to our full continuum of high-quality care should your needs change. So you can enjoy active independence while safeguarding your nest egg from the rising cost of healthcare.

Take the first step now toward enjoying all the benefits of aging in place by calling us, Carlyle Place @ Home at 478-405-4500.

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