New Leadership at Carlyle Place

Senior living veteran brings years of experience 

A lot goes into being the chief administrative officer and executive director at Carlyle Place. Only a few months into the role, Troy Cannaday made it his top priority to personally meet with and get to know every resident and staff member. Troy joined Carlyle Place in March 2022, bringing with him more than 25 years of senior living experience and a wealth of wisdom. He spends a lot of his day out in the community talking to members in either casual conversation or during resident council committee meetings, ensuring every resident’s voice is heard. He also oversees staffing at Carlyle Place, making sure all team members feel supported.

The value of service 

“I’ve had the privilege of opening three Life Care Communities. When you open a new community, you have an opportunity to meet everyone slowly as they move in. Here I set up one-on-one time with every resident. I take the time to learn about people. I start with a few questions. How long have they been here? Why did they choose Carlyle? What’s the best thing about living here? What needs improvement? I asked them what my focus for the first 30 to 90 days should be. Where they’d like to see the community over the next five years. I learned at an early age the value of service to seniors, and of being present and engaged when you’re providing that service.” 

The idea of community is important to Troy. One of the many ways he keeps residents engaged is by holding weekly “Have You Heard?” meetings. These are conducted in a town hall format and serve to share news and provide updates on ongoing community projects. So far attendance has been standing room only. A big theme for 2022 in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic is how to restore the “one community” mentality now that most of the restrictions have been lifted. “I also end each meeting with a joke and a thought for the day. The thoughts are uplifting, positive and forward-thinking. Whether the joke is funny depends on your sense of humor,” Troy chuckled.  

Troy is just as attentive with the staff at Carlyle Place as he is with the residents. On occasion, he’s been known to join the chefs in the kitchen during dinner or host teams for a meal. “If someone is spending a third of their time here, I want it to be some of the best time of their day. The other piece is helping staff realize they have the power to change the world. They just have to believe in themselves. I try to help them see that and I get out of their way.” 

Carlyle Place has a high retention rate for employees. Many employees at various levels have a tenure of a decade or longer.

Hospitality at Carlyle Place 

“I’ve been working to infuse the leadership team with the idea that we’re providing hospitality over healthcare. We’re much more focused on the customer service and hospitality end of things, while also providing excellent healthcare when or if residents need it,” Troy elaborated.  

What makes Carlyle Place one of a kind in central Georgia are its residents and staff.  
“There’s a sense of community at Carlyle that far exceeds many others. They have made me feel extremely welcome. We figure out ways to collaborate. It’s the strongest feeling of welcomeness I’ve experienced in my career.”  
Troy believes this is a big part of what turns prospective residents into actual residents. “We provide good service. The focus on hospitality is alive and well here. Residents are excited to share their experiences with people. They invite them into their homes to give tours and show them what their lives could look like. They really put a lot of effort into befriending prospective residents.” 
Troy lets the community speak for itself. “I don’t believe in the traditional sales process. We’re here to guide, not sell. I answer questions, validate their concerns and just sort of love them through the process.”

Progress makes perfect

Getting to know everyone is a job in itself, but Troy has been extra busy fulfilling his duties. Earlier this summer he helped streamline the Life Care approval process. He can’t control supply chain issues when it comes to apartment renovations, but he can speed up the approval process so move-ins can get started earlier. Troy has also been involved with the marketing plans including providing some input on the new Carlyle Place website.  
Troy’s biggest achievement to date is getting 85 percent participation in the recent 2022 Holleran resident engagement survey. Carlyle Place was selected as a Holleran’s Choice Community for outstanding resident engagement. He’s eager to read their responses, but the bigger picture is that he’s made enough of an impact that people feel comfortable taking the survey knowing their responses will be considered.  
“There’s a connectedness here. Between the staff and residents, there’s a commitment to the greater good of Carlyle Place,” Troy concludes.  
Come see how Carlyle Place makes everybody feel right at home. Call 478-405-4500 to schedule an appointment with a Life Care advisor.  

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