Making the Right Move

One couple’s journey relocating from South Carolina to Macon, Georgia

It was three years ago that Hank and Mary Dempsey left their active adult community in Bluffton, South Carolina and moved to Macon, Georgia. They were very active, in their mid-seventies, and in great health but began thinking of the days ahead when they may need more care. The couple visited several continuing care communities, but once they spent a few days at Carlyle Place, they knew their search was over. Mary said, “We found just what we were looking for… a lovely campus, a variety of apartments, a full calendar of activities, five-star dining, great healthcare and friendly people. Carlyle Place had it all.”

Finding home

The Dempseys celebrated three years at Carlyle Place last month. Prior to that, they lived in an active adult community located near Hilton Head South Carolina where they lived independently for 13 years. They loved all the amenities and social activities but began to think about their future needs. Hank said, “We questioned what will happen when we are no longer active and may need help. Our South Carolina community did not offer any additional care.”

According to Mary, “Once we made the commitment to move, the idea of downsizing was a challenge. Fortunately for us, we were able to find someone who helped us sell the larger pieces of furniture that we knew we would not be taking. Be prepared to make numerous trips to local charities with your donations.” The couple agreed that they could not picture doing this five years from now …another reason to make the move while healthy!

Their move to Carlyle Place was seamless. They had a move-in coordinator who assisted them every step of the way. The Dempseys are now happily ensconced in a six-room apartment that more than adequately meets their needs.

Getting Involved

One of the biggest reasons people choose continuing care communities like Carlyle are the fulfilling events and activities. Mary said, “The offerings at Carlyle are endless. We make good use of the pool, the fitness classes and exercise room.”

Hank said, “I was an avid golfer but now I am much more likely to be found on Carlyle’s Pickleball courts recently constructed on campus.”

“We are members of several clubs and committees that keep us busy and involved,” said Hank. “We attend lectures, parties, game nights, and off-campus trips to local restaurants and theaters where the Carlyle bus drops us off at the door. “ There’s a lot of buzz among all the residents about a Carlyle cruise to Quebec in September.

Hank’s advice is to relocate while you are able to be active, meet people, and take advantage of all that Carlyle has to offer. He advises, “Don’t wait for a catastrophic event…remember, you can make the move five years too early or 10 minutes too late.”

Enjoying Life at Carlyle Place

“Carlyle Place is like a cruise ship that never leaves port,” they joked. Hank and Mary almost never cook; instead, they eat their meals on campus. The menu in the formal dining room changes daily but Hank and Mary look most forward to the filet mignon on Friday evenings, one of the menu’s regular selections. For their quick meals, the pair takes advantage of the bistro which functions as a delicatessen. “Where else can you get a good Reuben sandwich for less than $5.00?” Hank explained. For a change of pace, the couple frequently meets friends at Odom’s Pub for an adult beverage before dinner.

Hank and Mary enjoy being ambassadors for Carlyle Place. The two have become actively involved in planning and development. As such, they are very proud of not only the fantastic community but also of the wonderful environment created by the staff. “The staff is just so accommodating,” said Mary. “Many of the employees have been at Carlyle for years which is always a good sign. Any help you need is willingly provided. Just pick up the phone.”

The Dempseys say moving to Carlyle Place is a gift to their loved ones who no longer need to worry about them. They feel comforted by Carlyle’s security team, nourished by their dining staff, and entertained by the many activities and events offered by Resident Life. 

The first step toward enjoying the security, activity and lifestyle is to come visit us in person. For more information, call 478-405-4500 to arrange an on-campus visit.

We can’t wait to meet you!

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