Love Is in the Air at Carlyle Place

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’d like to take a minute to share some personal stories and messages of love from some of the couples in our community. Some of them have been married quite a long time—others, not as long. But as you read, they’re all profoundly grateful to have found each other. Even if you’re not married or with a partner, this is a great chance to think about the people you love in your life, how grateful you are to have them and what you can do to let them know it.

Don Kea about his wife Mary Dale: “It just had to be a God thing.’”

“I came to Albany in June 1955 for work. I was scared to death because I had never done anything like this before. But that fear was superseded by my attraction to Mary Dale Vansant. It became very apparent to me that I’d been led by God to this summer work and in the process had found the girl of my dreams. It was as if lightning had struck, and I immediately knew this was the woman I was supposed to spend my life with.

Before the first week was out, I discovered to my profound joy that she felt the same way about me, and we decided to get married in four years—after she finished college and I finished seminary. And that’s exactly what happened. It just had to be a God thing.’ We wrote each other every day we were apart those next four years and we both still have all the letters.”

Billie Thompson about her husband Tom: “Stick with me, baby.”

I met Tom my first week at Auburn. We sat back-to-back in the women’s dining hall where he worked. I tapped him on the shoulder and asked him, “How can I get vanilla ice cream in my chocolate milk?” He replied, “Stick with me baby and you will have it.” 65 years later, I still have vanilla ice cream in my chocolate milk, and it is still just as sweet as the first time.”

From Sandra Manwaring to her husband Dick: “…so much joy and adventure.”

Happy Valentine’s Day to my dear husband Dick. He has brought so much joy and adventure to my life. Here we are having dinner with friends at a lovely home in Provence, France. God richly blessed me by bringing us together and I love you dearly.

From Harold Reed to his wife Edna: “…still my greatest prize.”

It’s been 58 beautiful years and my trophy wife is still worth it. Years later, she’s still my greatest prize. I love you.

At Carlyle Place, we’re grateful for the loving atmosphere that our staff and residents have created here. If you’re looking for an active, fun and secure place to retire, contact us to learn more—and feel the love of Carlyle Place.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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