Lifelong Learning Through Wesleyan College

Seniors may be decades removed from college, but that doesn’t mean they should stop learning. Whether you’re looking for a way to keep your mind sharp or just want to learn something new, there are plenty of opportunities for seniors to take classes through our joint program with nearby Wesleyan College.

You may have always wanted to learn more about history or art and now is the perfect time. A wide range of courses is available that covers topics including astronomy, literature, Bible studies and more! So, if you’re looking for ways to keep learning, even in retirement, check out these senior-friendly classes.

Vince Coughlin serves as the president of the Wesleyan Academy for Lifelong Learning (W.A.L.L.) and also founded the program in 2010 with assistance from Vivia Fowler, the provost at Wesleyan. Carlyle Place donated the funds to jumpstart the program and many professors at the school agreed to help lead courses.

Most courses run for four weeks and meet once a week for an hour. Professors from Wesleyan College, as well as volunteer professors from nearby universities, including Mercer University and Middle Georgia State University, have all teamed up to keep the program running.

There are many great class options. The past fall semester offered 14 courses for enrollment. Want to learn more about the stars and planets in our universe? Sign up for astronomy. If art is more your thing, consider taking an art history course that covers different painting styles throughout history. There are also many history classes available that cover world conflict and international relations. Any one of these courses will provide you with valuable knowledge and new perspectives!

If you’ve always wanted to take a college-level course but feel like you’ve missed the boat, now is your chance. Carlyle Place residents should take advantage of this opportunity to enroll and expand their perspectives on topics ranging from ancient civilizations to contemporary politics by engaging in interesting conversations with others who share similar interests, as well as learning new ways of thinking about topics with which they are already familiar.

Seniors are often looking for courses that will help them stay connected with their hobbies and interests. They may want to take classes about botany, photography, or cooking, for example. These college courses for seniors provide a way for them to continue challenging themselves, revitalize their love for their hobbies, and learn throughout their lives.

Not only are the classes a good way to continue learning, but they provide a chance for students to socialize and expand their social circle outside the community. The classroom fellowship, group activities and riveting conversations are great ways to stay stimulated and engaged.

Seniors can take advantage of the fact that the college offers reduced tuition. Residents at Carlyle Place only have to pay one $80 registration fee per semester and can enroll in as many classes as they’d like. Optionally, there is a discounted price of $150 for those who’d like to pay for the entire year. New residents can enjoy no-cost membership for their first semester. Richard Davies, a resident and W.A.L.L. student, shared with a laugh that, “In the fall semester of 2022, they offered so many wonderfully interesting classes, I found myself spending all of my time on the campus. I’ve got other things I like to do. I like to read. I like to write, so I have to try to budget my time.” Too much learning is always a good problem to have.

Seniors have a lot to gain from taking college courses, and the good news is that the program with Wesleyan is willing to help them do so. If you’re looking for a way to challenge yourself or simply explore something new, consider enrolling in a course!

W.A.L.L. is just one of the available programs for Carlyle Place residents. There are countless learning, wellness and cultural activities for residents to enjoy. Contact a member of our team to learn more about programs for seniors and making Carlyle Place home today.

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