Hosting Your Loved Ones at Carlyle Place

Moving to a retirement community doesn’t mean you have to give up your outside life and friends. While you’re certain to build bonds with your neighbors here you’re always welcome to invite your friends and loved ones, and continue to explore the city, the country or the world like you always have. The biggest difference is that you’ll have more time and energy to do so!

Macon is a city filled with rich history, beautiful landscapes and that good ole’ southern hospitality, and we’re sure your visitors will be just as captivated by the scenery as we are. There are plenty of ways to entertain your friends and family when they visit, both on-campus and off. Your visitors will be amazed by all that your home at Carlyle Place has to offer.

Ways to Entertain Guests On-Campus

Carlyle Place offers a variety of amenities that residents — and their friends and families— love! With over 58 acres, there’s more than enough to do on campus. If you’re itching to get off the couch and out of your apartment, there’s plenty of things you can still do in the community. Give your loved ones a preview of all the amazing social, cultural, and physical experiences you gain while living at Carlyle Place. Put down the car keys, and check out these activities you can do on-campus to host a great time for your visitors:

  1. Challenge your friends to a game of pickleball. Take your visitors to play a round of doubles on our brand-new pickleball courts. Pickleball is a crowd favorite sport here at Carlyle Place. We’re the first and only adult community in central Georgia to have an official pickleball court. Your friends will soon understand why we love the sport so much!
  2. There is no need to leave Carlyle Place to find a nice restaurant. There’s three here on campus! We offer a variety of cuisines, but we’re sure your family will fall in love with the savory southern favorites that Georgia is famous for. We also have a private dining room available to host dinners for your guests.
  3. Invite them to do a volunteer project with you! So many of our residents share our love of service to the community and each year, they dedicate thousands of hours to charities and nonprofit organizations. Use the art studio to create thank you cards for our servicemembers overseas, or craft no-sew blankets to donate to the local children’s hospital.

Fun Things-To-Do in Macon

There’s plenty of ways to stay busy on campus, but we understand that sometimes you want to go out on the town and get a taste of the local culture. Luckily, Macon, GA is a town full of history, natural beauty, and plenty of attractions. You can connect with nature and travel to one of the many nearby parks or learn the deep history of this southern town at the local museums. Macon offers enough to make your visitors excited about their next trip!

  1. Prepare a picnic basket, and head over to Amerson River Park. There’s over 100 acres of forests, meadows and Georgia wetlands, all surrounded by the Ocmulgee River. You can play with the grandkids at the handicap-friendly playground, take a walk down one of the seven miles of available trails, and even float down the river in a canoe.
  2. Step back in time to 1855 when you grab tickets to take a specialty tour of the Hay House, one of Georgia’s most historic houses and renowned structures. This tour features behind-the-scenes looks of the 18,000 square-foot mansion you wouldn’t get to see on the regular tour, including a beautiful 360° view of Macon.
  3. If you’re a sports family, visit the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame, which is also the largest state sports museum in the country! This building was designed to look like a vintage baseball field and features memorabilia from over 400 inductees, including Hank Aaron, Al Mead, and Bobby Cox.

Being in Macon is an additional bonus that comes with living at Carlyle Place. Your social and active life here is sure to blossom, even if you’re spending time with old friends or making new ones inside the campus. If you and your family are already excited to visit Macon and see what Carlyle Place has for you, give us a call at 478-405-4500 or visit the website to schedule a tour now.

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