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A Life Plan expert decodes retirement living lingo.

There are no “salespeople” at Carlyle Place because our community is not a product—it’s a way of life. Moving to Carlyle Place is a big decision, and we become your advocate by offering guidance and assurance that you’re doing the right thing. Chances are, if you’ve toured a community and felt high pressure, it probably wasn’t the right community for you. After all, this is about your life and your timeline, no one else’s.

Robin Dance Helps Decode the Language of Retirement Living

Robin Dance has been a Life Plan Advisor at Carlyle Place since January 2021, but she’s been a Life Plan expert for over a decade. Even though she has a storied career in marketing (and is a published author!), her desire to help people has always motivated her more than sales charts and profit margins.

Robin explains how she assists prospective residents, “My role is largely educational, which speaks to our philosophy of how we do business. We build relationships. We care about what we do. We have an incredibly enthusiastic team, and our mission is to serve everyone we meet because there’s a lot to learn when it comes to retirement communities.”

“Retirees often aren’t acquainted with the many options available to them. There are so many communities out there, and each have their own way of operating. Our job is to make sure you understand how Carlyle Place is unique. We happen to believe Carlyle Place is the best, but it may not be the best fit for everyone. We’re here to shepherd the people we work with to the right place for them,” she said.

Searching for a retirement community can be overwhelming, but that’s where Robin and her team come in to help you make sense of it all. “Our process is pretty simple. After an initial conversation or two, we invite you to visit our campus. Then you can see and experience our personality, our climate, and who we are as a community. The atmosphere of true community is palpable here. You’ll learn from staff and residents who we are and why we do what we do,” Robin said.

The Carlyle Place Difference

A lot of retirement living communities offer amenity-rich campuses and fitness centers, so what distinguishes Carlyle Place from other retirement communities in Macon, Georgia? For starters, a state-of-the-art pickleball court and a seemingly endless roster of activities. Though, it’s the full continuum of care available to all residents that really elevates our community. We’re the only not-for-profit Life Plan Community in central Georgia with skilled nursing right here on campus.

Robin breaks down the incredible value Carlyle Place offers versus a traditional rental community, “A Life Care contract means we’re going to take care of you for life at significantly reduced rates. Most of our residents are independent living, but statistically speaking, if you’re over the age of 65, you’ll likely need some sort of long-term healthcare at some point. Should you need to transition into a different level of care like skilled nursing or memory care, we make the move seamless, and it’s all included in your monthly fee under “Life Care.” With this remarkable contract, residents only pay a nominal added meal cost. “By moving to Carlyle Place, you’re gaining security and peace of mind by taking control of your healthcare before a crisis hits,” Robin concluded.

Carlyle Place is a wise choice to Robin, in part, because of its CARF-accreditation. Only 17% of retirement communities nationwide have achieved this credential, the gold standard that assures you a community is solid in every area of service.

Aren’t I Too Young for Retirement Living?

If you’re over 62, you’re just the right age to start enjoying all the perks of retirement living. In fact, it’s the most common regret we hear from residents—not moving here sooner. There’s so much fun happening on campus every day that you’ll want to be a part of. Staying active in clubs and fitness classes help you make new connections and live independently, longer. That said, experienced Life Plan Advisors like Robin never rush anyone to make a big decision. “If we’re listening well, then we can hear what’s important to the prospective resident and understand whether we can meet a need at that time in their life. You can tell a lot if you’re listening twice as much as you’re talking,” Robin said.

We’re here to answer your questions honestly and thoroughly. Even if we can’t be the community you choose, those who tour our campus walk away with a lot of insights into what they’re looking for in a retirement community. If you’re ready to embark on the next chapter of your life but need a little help deciphering terminology, we’ve got you covered. To speak with one of our trusted Life Plan Advisors today, call 478-405-4544 today!

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