Diversity and Inclusion at Carlyle Place

Carlyle Place is happy to be a community that celebrates diversity and inclusivity. Our community is home to a diverse group of residents. We aim to be inclusive and welcome and represent residents of all backgrounds, abilities and lifestyles.   

We listen to our residents and continuously evolve in response to their input. We keep a watchful eye on new trends to ensure our community stays at the forefront of meeting senior needs and preferences. This means making sure that Carlyle Place is a home for all of our residents to feel safe and welcome. 

What Does Diversity and Inclusion Look Like for Incoming Residents? 

For incoming residents, we aim to dispel the notion that senior living is a racially homogenous luxury only available to the wealthy. When you visit our campus, you’ll see residents that embrace diversity in all forms. Our community is home to both natural and foreign-born Americans of all races, religions, orientations and abilities. There is no standard resident. We are happy to be home to so many unique people who bring different qualities to Carlyle Place.  

As we aim to be inclusive, we enable incoming residents to select an option that their financial goals to make the move to senior living an affordable one. All of the plans offer tax benefits under the Life Care contract that make them even more affordable. Whichever plan you choose, once you become a resident, your future will be secure and easy. 

How Do Current Residents Experience Diversity? 

It’s easy to fit in when your neighbors go out of their way to welcome you. Despite the differences that make our residents unique, they won’t feel very different for long. Our residents are quick to bond over shared meals in campus restaurants and community events. That’s because here the focus is on creating a vibrant, life-enriching community that allows each person to be the best version of themselves today. 

Our residents enjoy celebrating different cultures. Residents participate in cooking classes where they learn recipes from different regions all over the world. Some of our residents try taking up a new language, and if they’re lucky, they’ll meet a neighbor who can help them practice. We encourage new residents to introduce their neighbors to fun activities and pastimes from their home. “There are lots of games we know and some we’ve never heard of. It’s a fun way to get to know everyone too,” resident Wanda A. shares about her experience with campus activities. 

If you want to learn more about what culture looks like at Carlyle Place, give us a call at 478-405-4500 to schedule a tour now.

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