Choosing Your Senior Living Path 

Finding the Best Retirement Living For You

Whether it’s for yourself or a loved one, deciding on your next home is important. The best place to begin your search is a conversation: first with yourself, then with your family. Determining your values and requirements will make it easier to narrow down your search. Remember, it’s your journey and your decision.  

Lifestyle options

‘Retirement community’ doesn’t mean what it used to. In fact, many people choose senior living because it offers more fun, convenience and security than their current living situation. The options are limitless when it comes to senior living. If backgammon and rocking chairs are your speed, you can certainly find that, but for a lot of senior living seekers, they’re not quite ready to get old yet. These days experiential living has become more desirable for all age groups. Having the right opportunities to grow, connect, learn, contribute and have more genuine fun are all major factors many seniors consider when choosing a new home. 
For the young, active senior, independent living is an ideal choice. There’s a growing market for Life Plan Communities like Carlyle Place. Currently, it is the only Life Plan Community in central Georgia. At Carlyle Place, fit and active seniors are plugged into a thriving social scene full of organized activities, weekend trips and sensational dining options. Residents live autonomously, but without the hassle of household maintenance so they can get back to what brings them joy.  
In a Life Plan Community, residents can rest assured that access to a full continuum of quality healthcare services, such as personal care, memory care and skilled nursing, is available right on campus should they need it. You never need to move. 

Finding your climate

Choosing a senior living community can be a little like a high school senior picking a college. Many retirees would rather avoid winter weather altogether. It’s no surprise so many senior living communities are in the Sun Belt of the United States, but what if you live in the Midwest? It’s hard to imagine living a far distance from friends and family but for some seniors, moving to a warmer climate is the ultimate life goal. Carlyle Place, nestled in Macon, Georgia, distinguishes itself in the area with a state-of-the-art facility in a reliably pleasant climate.

Protecting your assets 

One of the biggest factors in choosing a retirement community is the financial cost. In a perfect world money would be no issue, but it’s a significant pillar of choosing the right community for yourself. Senior living communities have a reputation for being prohibitively expensive. These days that’s not necessarily the case.  
Carlyle Place is a Life Plan Community, also known as a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)

This is a living arrangement in which the resident pays a one-time entrance fee and then a monthly fee from then on. Life Plan keeps you in control of your retirement, allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your life’s work. Life Care is an additional option. It’s a smart investment that will protect your financial assets from potentially catastrophic costs in case your health needs change.

Your next chapter awaits

Whether you’re looking to make a big lifestyle change or looking for more specific care, senior living communities are the perfect environment to enjoy life. With some of life’s less pleasant tasks left to someone else, residents get back to loving the activities and lifestyles that make them happy. A retirement community can be the beginning of your best life. Seniors who desire enriching social connections get a fresh opportunity to make new friends at Carlyle Place. Enjoy local and out of town excursions, continued education series and all sorts of physical activities including dances and pickleball.  

Misconceptions about senior living can make some hesitant to seek information. Aligning your budgetary circumstances with living needs is a big part of the research process. For each person, the reason to join a retirement community will be unique. As such, there are countless options to fit the needs of the individual when it comes to senior living. Whatever your reason for seeking senior housing, researching all the options is imperative to finding a happy home. Life Plan Communities are becoming more appealing to younger seniors. Communities like Carlyle Place show there’s no shortage of fun after 65. Plenty of knowledgeable Life Plan advisors are at Carlyle Place to help answer all your questions. 

Call us today at 478-405-4500 to speak to a Life Plan advisor. 


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