Celebrating Successes and Looking Ahead to 2023

As we bid farewell to 2022, Carlyle Place is reflecting on the successes and opportunities of this past year. We are deeply grateful to our residents who chose us as their home and allowed us to continue providing exceptional services. It’s been a period of growth where listening, learning and leading have been prioritized to ensure future success.

We’re proud to say that we’ve maintained our 5-star quality rating from The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and proudly earned the Holleran Choice Community Award for Resident Engagement, which gauges how well our residents feel we’re supporting their successful aging. As 2023 lies ahead with more potential than ever before, we remain committed to delivering outstanding care here at Carlyle Place!

Listening to Our Residents

It has never been more important to support each other in times of difficulty. To help foster this sense of unity, we have established a Healthcare Task Group to bring our community closer together post-pandemic. We are moving on from COVID even stronger and more focused.

At Carlyle Place, we value the opinion of each and every one of our residents. We understand that it’s important for them to be heard and respected, so this past year we’ve made sure to listen carefully to their stories and concerns. This has enabled us to foster an environment that is both comfortable and enjoyable for everyone. Our Healthcare Task Group is a big step toward that goal.

Leading by Example

We want all our staff members here at Carlyle Place to lead by example, so this past year has seen an increase in training opportunities that focus on developing leadership skills amongst our team members. By encouraging open communication between staff members and fostering collaboration between departments, we can ensure that everyone feels supported while doing their job — which ultimately leads to greater success overall!

That is why we initiated quarterly leadership meetings with directors, managers and supervisors, as well as converted quarterly employee education sessions to monthly sessions. By making these changes, we are committed to supporting our community’s growth by creating an environment of open communication and continuous learning.

Carlyle Place is a great community “Crafting Our Happy,” striving to achieve distinction within the life plan industry. We are leaning into the future individually and collectively.

– Troy Cannaday, Executive Director

A Year of Gratitude

As we look ahead to this new year, we reflect with gratitude on all that 2022 has brought us here at Carlyle Place. Thanks to the efforts of both our staff members and our wonderful residents, we have been able to grow as a community while continuing to provide exceptional services throughout the entire year. We look forward with anticipation to what 2023 will bring, such as increased occupancy in all levels of care, and possibly the refurbishment of the Commons. Thank you for your continued support!

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