A Downsizing Dream

Finding the perfect sized home in a Carlyle Place residence

Rosemary Burton knew it was time for a change. Her three-bedroom home served its purpose for over 30 years, but she was ready to be free of the concerns that come with owning a large home. “I was just ready for something smaller,” she told us. Downsizing was a bit of a project for Rosemary, who spent the past few decades accumulating furniture and memories, but having an estate sale helped her get ready for the move into her new one-bedroom apartment. “With less to think about, it’s just freeing. Why have a larger place when I don’t need all that extra stuff?”

Carlyle Place Life Plan Advisor Robin Dance helped Rosemary make her apartment perfectly hers with customization options. “She listened to me when I talked about what I was looking for, so it’s perfect.” She also worked with refurbishment specialist Mike Brown to customize the flooring and cabinetry, as well as the deck, which has a magnificent view of the ponds and trees on campus. “We were able to open a space in the living room, and it really just makes the apartment look larger.”

Expanding her home with available amenities

Rosemary’s time at Carlyle Place has exceeded her expectations. Despite being busy with the sale of her former home, Rosemary has taken advantage of the amenities and events offered by the community. Her apartment is close to the elevator, the dining hall, and residence life where activities are hosted. “I have been having dinner with folks in the dining room, and the food is outstanding. That’s a way to get to know people in a more relaxed atmosphere.” Since her move in March 2022, Rosemary built connections with the neighbors she would run into at the dining room and the communal areas where residents gather to socialize and play games.

The amenities offered by Carlyle Place do more than make Rosemary’s home feel bigger than a one-bedroom apartment. They also provide an added convenience to her life. She noted the #1 reason for her move to Carlyle Place was access to its comprehensive Life Care Contract, which provides coverage for unpredictable health issues and future medical needs at significantly reduced rates. The community’s gate provides reassurance and helps Rosemary feel safe despite living alone. Dining service also provides take-out service so you can pick up meals and return to your apartment so you can enjoy dinner without having to cook. Rosemary shared with us that since living in the community, her diet has improved due to the high-quality ingredients and healthy meals offered. “Now, when I was at home alone, I could just have some crackers and cereal or a sandwich, but now I’m having balanced meals, which makes a big difference.”

Rosemary was happy to let go of her larger home and move into a community designed to take care of her needs while still allowing her the independence to make her own decisions. “I’ve moved into a wonderful place that I’m young enough to enjoy. You shouldn’t  wait until you can’t walk, or you’re not able to really enjoy yourself much. If you come in early enough, you can take advantage of everything!” She enjoys being able to drive around Macon and play with her dog, and she’s looking forward to getting involved in physical activities, like pickleball, with her neighbors. “I can’t say enough good things about Carlyle Place. It has been perfect.”

If you’re ready to downsize and live more freely, contact the sales team at 478-405-4500 to learn more about our available one-bedroom apartments.

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